Android Mobile Device Management & Location Tracking Platform

Secure and user-friendly mobile device management solution to help you configure and track your mobile devices from anywhere in the world. With our simple and instant setup and helpful compliance dashboard, we aim to provide you with an effective solution to all your mobile device management needs.

Mobile device management

Powerful, Secure and User-friendly

WaZa mobile device management is a cloud-based MDM platform that provides unique functionality and peace of mind in the areas most important to our clients. With our WaZa MDM management console, IT admins can quickly set up WaZa mobile device management account and start managing corporate mobile devices in minutes. The WaZa mobile device management console makes it a breeze to track your devices and enforce geofence. While making mobile device management (MDM) straightforward, we also ensure all the network traffic is encrypted end-to-end with industry standard TLS protocol.


Innovative and user-friendly management console means mobile device management is simple and information is always on hand.


Setup and enforce geofences and get notified for exit and enter geofence events as well as track devices with up to 15 days of location history.


Configure WaZa MDM in minutes with our three-step setup. Easily access helpful tips and 24/7 client support to help you quickly get up and running.


WaZa mobile device management traffic between MDM server & mobile device is protected with TLS protocol letting you manage your corporate mobile devices with peace of mind.

Mobile Device Management

WaZa mobile device management innovative and user-friendly management console means that mobile device management is simple and information is always on hand. WaZa MDM is Android EMM Partner for the following device management types.

BYOD - Work Profile: Device management for BYOD devices for setting up Work Profile on the user's personal device. Enterprise replated data, applications are restricted to Work Profile. The management policies are applied to Work Profile only, keeping the enterprise data secure while maintaining user privacy. Learn more about BYOD - Work Profile.

Device Owner: Manage enterprise-owned devices to be used exclusively for work. Enforce a complete set of WaZa MDM device management policies including device-level policies not available in Work Profile device management. Learn more about Device Owner.

Kiosk Mode (COSU) - Dedicated Device: Setup and manage mobile devices dedicated to a specific purpose e.g. hospitality check-in, queue management, retail displays or Kiosks. Lockdown the device and configure any set of applications to be pinned or run in a full-screen immersive fashion. Learn more about Kiosk Mode (COSU) - Dedicated Device.

Mobile Device Management - Android for Work

Apply the following WaZa mobile device management policies to secure and configure enterprise mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management - WaZa Device Policy Controller

Application Policy: silently approve & deploy any application available at Google Play. Setup & deploy managed configs, app defaults & permissions.

Bookmark Policy: configure & deploy up to four bookmarks to any url. Brand the bookmarks with your logo.

Email Policy: support email protocols POP, SMTP, IMAP, & Exchange.

General Policy: Setup logo, device official status (non-rooted) check, sync interval.

Geofence Policy: track device with up to date device location, setup & enforce geofences from WaZa management console.

Password Policy: enforce password restrictions such as expiry, length & quality e.g. alphanumeric.

Security Policy: configure bluetooth, camera, device encryption, usb debugging, safe reboot, factory reset etc.

OTA Update Policy: control windowed, anytime install or postpone upto 30 days of OTA Update.

Wallpaper Policy: setup device wallpaper - supported file types PNG/JPG.

Wifi Policy: Configure Wifi network - supported protocol types are WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK, 801.1x EAP with 801.1 certificates.

Setup any of the MDM policy from our Management Console & it gets deployed instantly!

Quick Setup - Mobile Device Management Console

Learn more about Mobile Device Management Policy

Location Tracking

Location tracking & geofence monitoring come as standard with WaZa Mobile Device Management. You can easily set up various geofences and enable location tracking from WaZa management console.

  • Location Tracking: With our advanced location tracking, you can track your device's real-time location. In addition to the current location, location history is displayed as individual journeys with start and end location flagged. Location history also highlights the distance and average speed the device has traveled for individual journeys. Location history is available up to last 15 days. Learn more about Location Tracking. For personal mobile device tracking, Lokaytr - Family Locator & GPS Tracker provides advanced GPS location tracking for families.
  • Geofence: Once you setup geofence with WaZa management console, you can get notified for any exit or enter events. You can also configure alarm for mobile device users when they leave or enter geofence. Learn more about Geofence.
Geofence and Location Tracking

Quick Setup

Use our sleek and innovative WaZa MDM management console to facilitate simple, quick and powerful mobile device management. From reporting to mobile device management, everything is just a few click away.

Quick Setup - Mobile Device Management Console

Quickly set up and start managing mobile devices immediately with our straightforward, hassle-free three-step setup.

  • Create a new mobile device management policy with various configurations to be applied to mobile devices.
  • Add users by entering user details or uploading a csv file.
  • Download and login to WaZa MDM application on your mobile device & you are done!

Learn more about Quick Setup


WaZa mobile device management empowers you to manage your devices effectively, efficiently and most importantly, securely to give you 100% peace of mind.

  • WaZa MDM is designed on TLS industry standards to ensure all communication between mobile device and server remains private and integral. The integration with active directory also supports TLS protocol.
  • You can choose to deploy mobile device management policies only to non-compromised (non-rooted or jail-broken) devices.
WaZa moblie device management communication security

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