Mobile Device Location Tracking

Posted on Nov 15, 2018 in General - Blog Home

You can easily track mobile device's current location in real-time as well as view the location history (upto 15 days) from WaZa MDM Management Console.

To enable location tracking, go to the option New/Update Policy under Policies and makesure the "Location Tracking" option is checked. Hit the Save button to save the MDM Policy.

WaZa MDM mobile application requires location permission to look up device's location. The application will prompt the mobile device user for location permission whenever required. Once the permission is granted, the device will start synching at regular intervals upto date location with WaZa MDM Service. You can manually force the device to sync the real-time location by hitting the "Sync" button.

Current Location
Device's current location is displayed as the first card under the location tab. The current location card shows the deivce's current location as well as the time device arrived at that location.

Location History
The location history cards display the device's location history as individual journey from location A to location B. By default location history of 24 hours is displayed along the current location at the top. The location history timeframe can be changed from the date selector at the bottom of Location tab.