Setup MDM Service Account

Posted on Oct 1, 2018 in Quick Setup - Blog Home

Follow this blog to setup WaZa MDM service account from scratch. You'll be configuring directory details for user authentication as well as MDM policy details (e.g. Wifi, Password, Security etc) among other things.

You'll need to register for WaZa MDM service account. If you have not already registered, you can do so for free, 30 days no obligation trial at the following link.

You can login to WaZa Management Console with the credentials you registered with.

Step 1 - Customer Details
Once you login to WaZa Management Console, you'll be presented with Customer details screen. Customer details contain information for mobile device branding e.g. customer name, logo. Name & Email fields are mandatory, all other fields are optional. Click next to continue to the next step of MDM Account Setup wizard.

Step 2 - Directory Details
Next step in the Setup wizard is to configure user directory. WaZa MDM supports two types of user directories for user authentication.

  • Local DB based (select this option if you are not sure about Remote LDAP/AD)
  • Remote (LDAP/Active Directory)

For the Quick Setup you can keep the default selection "Local (DB Based)" and click next to continue to the next step of MDM Account Setup wizard.

Step 3 - Digital Certificates (Optional)
Digital Certificates step is optional. You can skip this step if you are not going to setup Wifi (EAP Profile) or Email (Exchange with Client verification) policies for your mobile devices.

For the Quick Setup, you can skip this step and click next to continue to the next step of MDM Account Setup.

Final Step - Policy Details
Final step of WaZa MDM setup is to configure a MDM Policy. A MDM policy is a combination of various configurations e.g. Bookmark, Geofence etc. You can create multiple Policies, with different configurations from WaZa Management Console, but for Quick Setup we will create a single Policy. Policy Name and Sync Interval fields (how frequent the mobile devices should check-in) are required, all other fields are optional. Click finish to complete WaZa MDM Account Setup.

And you are done!
Congrats! You have completed setting-up your WaZa MDM Service Account.

Next Steps:
Now that you have successfully setup your WaZa MDM Account, follow the next two steps for setting up your mobile devices.