MDM Policy

Posted on Nov 08, 2018 in General - Blog Home

WaZa MDM Policy consists of various configurations (e.g. Security, Location, Geofence etc) for managing mobile devices. A MDM Policy is assigned to a user group(s). A user group consist of user(s) and like wise a user can have multiple device connected to WaZa MDM Service. Any change in the MDM Policy is immidately propagaed down to the device(s) level.

To create a new MDM Policy, go to the menu option New/Update Policy under Policies. The policy name and sync interval fields are manadatory. In addition to setting the sync interval and enabling mobile device location tracking, you can also enforce MDM policy to be only applied to official devices (non rooted) by selecting the option "Offical Devices".

You can setup the following WaZa MDM Policy compoments on the Create/Update Policy page.

Geofence configuration is part of MDM Policy. Inaddition to geofence monitoring, you can setup notifications such as sending an email or displaying a notification on the mobile device itself. Follow the link to learn more about Geofence.

WaZa MDM bookmarks are similar to shortcuts, they are placed on the mobile device's home screen when the MDM policy is applied. Maximum of four bookmarks are allowed in a single MDM Policy.

Name and URL fields are required for setting up a bookmark. The Name field is used as display name of the bookmark. Incase there is no logo setup at Settings > Customer tab, default WaZa MDM logo will be used when a bookmark is created on device's home screen.

Currently WaZa MDM supports Email configuration for Samsung devices. WaZa MDM supports IMAP, POP3 & EXCHANGE protocol.

For EXCHANGE protocol type, a client certificate can be setup from the certificate drop down menu as shown below. To select a client certificate (for EXCHANGE protocol) from the drop down menu, a certificate needs to be uploaded. You can upload the certificate to WaZa MDM Service Account (Settings > Digital Certificate tab).

WaZa MDM policy supports various password restrictions. You can enforce mobile device's password complexity to be from a simple password (e.g. numeric) to complex (alpha-numberic, mixed-case with special characters).

WaZa MDM security supports device encryption as well disabling bluetooth or device's camera. Once the mobile device is encrypted, the encryption cannot be removed unless the device is reset.

To setup a wallpaper, simply select an image by hitting the Browse button as shown below. Supported image types are PNG, JPG and the size should be less then 500kb.

WaZa MDM supports all the major Wifi security types (EAP, WEP, WPA/WPA2 and no security) for Wifi setup.

For EAP wifi security type, you can configure client and CA certificates. To select a client or CA certificate (from the drop down menu as shown below), a certificate needs to be uploaded. The certificates can be uploaded to WaZa MDM Service Account (Settings > Digital Certificate tab).

Certian Wifi security types require user credentials (user-id (indentity) and/or password). You can either setup the credentials within the wifi configuration or have the mobile device user enter them on their device. WaZa mobile application will prompt the user for wifi credentials, if the option "Prompt User for Wifi Credentials" is selected.